Facebook Ads Management

Heavy Focus on Audience Targeting

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Campaign Strategy

Starting with campaign structures for top-of-the-funnel and re-marketing campaigns and then going into details of bid strategies and conversion actions - we create holistic strategies that win more often.

Creative Design

Our in-house graphic design team creates beautiful ad creatives for your brand - from scratch, keeping in mind the specifications of the social media platform and your specific brand personality.

Audience Targeting

If the right ad is shown to the perfect audience, magic is bound to happen. We do this by going deep into understanding your buyer personas and mapping them to targeting and then segmenting the audiences sharply.

Expert In-house Team

We tailor our strategy basis every account's need – whether it is about finding the right keywords, creating ad copy, or optimizing bids.

Optimization & Reporting

We analyze specific metrics depending on campaign type and iterate ad designs to avoid "ad fatigue". Most importantly, we use the data at the targeting method level to test new ideas and strategies that will improve your ROI.

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