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Lumos Learning, where knowledge meets innovation! As a forward-thinking educational platform, we illuminate the path to academic success through cutting-edge learning solutions. At Lumos, we believe in empowering students, educators, and schools with dynamic resources designed to spark curiosity, foster critical thinking, and elevate learning experiences. Join us on a journey where education meets innovation, guiding learners toward brighter futures


  • Limited Brand Awareness as a New Entrant
  • Perceived Lack of Prestige Compared to Established Brands
  • Establishing a Strong & Comprehensive Online Presence
  • Intense Competition in the Education Sector
  • Need for a Creative and Convincing Online Platform

The Steps.

Step -1

Understanding the Brand

Our designers and expert team took multiple meetings to understand the brand vision and target audience.


Brand Store Optimization

We work on understanding the different product categories and uniqueness the brand has to portray. They tool all possible inputs as to how the brand store should look. 


Competitor Analysis

We did a through research on how creative design impacts on beauty shoppers, also closely understanding on the top trending beauty brands on amazon.


Initial Design Mockup

Share the mockup with stakeholders to gather feedback. Make necessary improvements and iterations based on the feedback received.


Getting Live on Amazon

After all the feedbacks are incorporated we have submitted the design to amazon for approval and within the next 72 hrs the store was live on Amazon 

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