Life at addMatrix

It's not only about work

We prioritize our people, culture, and mental health

Embrace diversity

We value different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences.

Leverage uniqueness

Use your strengths and creativity to contribute.

Inclusive environment

Everyone is important and respected here.

Overcome obstacles

We encourage determination in facing challenges.

Impactful opportunities

Your work matters, regardless of your role or department.

Collective success

Together, we achieve meaningful goals that matter.

Our Activities

Our mission is to foster growth and transformation in our organization. We are dedicated to promoting employee development and engagement, and we are committed to being passionate advocates for a more equitable and inclusive workplace. By igniting change and driving progress, we strive to create a brighter future for all.

Our People

A bunch of enthusiastic & creative minds to empower third-party sellers with the data, insights, and tools to build successful brands. Our passion is creating lifelong relationships through innovative software and world-class service

A comprehensive approach that focuses on the entire consumer funnel for long-term values. Our team is passionate about digital technologies and continuously updates our strategies with emerging technologies.

Team's Perspective

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