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We are marketing agency focused on empowering entrepreneurs and brands to succeed on Amazon and maximize ROI.

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Considering no fewer than 10 percent of agencies make the cut, addMatrix the amazon marketing agency wears its Amazon Ads Verified Partner badge status as a badge of honor. It’s a testament to our long-term record of excellence and innovation on the platform – not to mention all the growth we’ve been able to deliver for our brand partners.


Product Listing & SEO

Amazon is a giant shopping search engine with 61% of online product searches beginning on Amazon. In order to gain visibility for our clients, we adopt a holistic approach that considers all components of Amazon’s algorithm.With extensive market research and a deep understanding of our clients goals, we develops catalog strategies that drive brand LTV, higher profitability, and market share growth.

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Amazon Advertising

Unleash full-funnel advertising tactics to engage customers at every stage of their buying journey with Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Brands video, Sponsored Display, and the Amazon DSP. Harnessing constant optimization and human creativity, we ensure your brand reaches the precise audience at the opportune moment.

Creative that Performs

Amazon A+ Content

Creative isn’t about pretty-looking design. It’s about targeted content that maximizes click-throughs and quality traffic, boosts organic rank, improves SEO, drives conversion rates, and builds brand equity. With years of experience brand-building on the marketplace, we specialize in creative that promotes an immersive shopping experience. 


Amazon Stores

Because Amazon plays by its own set of rules, you need a sophisticated brand strategy that includes media optimized for this new digital storefront. addMatrix creative team is dedicated to understanding the complex inner workings of the marketplace so as to design, develop, and deploy a customized and responsive Amazon Store for your brand.


Amazon Management

From solving day-to-day problems to steering long-term strategy, addMatrix provides the end-to-end strategic capabilities designed to meet all of a brand’s needs on Amazon. Our leadership team is made up of experts with deep-rooted experience of the platform. By managing all the nuanced challenges of working directly with Amazon, we get the most out of the relationship for our clients.

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Solutions for all sellers

First-Time Seller : Are you a first-time Amazon seller? Our expert team simplifies the process from idea to sale. Start selling with confidence and watch your business thrive.

Existing Amazon Sellers : Are you already selling on Amazon? We identify growth opportunities, boost search rankings, and optimize conversions with advanced data analytics.

Global Brands and Retailers: Unlock tailored insights from the Amazon Marketplace for leading brands. Use data-driven strategies to enhance your global presence and drive growth in a competitive landscape.

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Amazon Success Stories

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Turet Watches

Witness how Turet used addMatrix comprehensive advertising strategies to amplify its organic share and increase revenue.

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Mountainor Wellness

Discover how Mountainor achieved a remarkable revenue growth with addMatrix diverse advertising strategies with Sponsored ads.

case studies

Ofsign International

Observe how Ofsign leveraged addMatrix extensive advertising tactics to enhance its natural market presence and boost its earnings.

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