About us

We’re transforming how sellers grow their businesses

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Our people make all the difference

We’re a diverse group of individuals who champion passion, character, and talent as the core tenets to creating profitable and long-lasting businesses.

addMatrix is lead by an accomplished group of thought-leaders focused on creating strong teams, incentivizing collaboration, and bringing unrivaled value to third-party sellers.



Growth marketing lies in our DNA

A comprehensive approach that focuses on the entire consumer funnel for long-term values.Our team is passionate about digital technologies and continuously update our strategies with the emerging technologies.

Central to addMatrix success is our unwavering commitment to our core belief system.

Agile teams

High-performance teams well-versed in both technology and marketing

Experimental Approach

Running small experiments, and scaling ones that work, to get faster time-to-market and results

Collaborative Processes

Tools & processes for tightly-knit units that experiment, analyse and deliver better faster results

Technology-led Marketing

With even creative members constantly tracking relevant metrics for desired outcomes

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