Amazon Premium A+ Content: Everything you need to know

Amazon premium A+ content

In today’s competitive e-commerce landscape, standing out is key for brands and sellers.

Imagine you’re shopping for a blender on Amazon. You find two listings: one basic, one with vibrant images, interactive charts, and a compelling video.

Which grabs your attention and builds confidence? Likely, the latter.

Amazon Premium A+ Content elevates product descriptions, offering customers a premium shopping experience. It empowers brands to create captivating, conversion-driving product pages.

Explore how Premium A+ can drive traffic, boost sales, and provide valuable insights in this guide.

What is Amazon Premium A+ content?

Premium A+ Content, also referred to as Amazon A++ Content, is a top-tier tool that surpasses the basic A+ Content feature on Amazon. It enables brands to highlight their products’ key features and benefits in a visually appealing and contemporary format, incorporating differentiated content like videos, interactive hotspot modules, and more.

In August 2022, Amazon introduced Premium A+ Content on Seller Central for free during a promotional period. Previously, it was exclusively available to brands using Vendor Central and came with a substantial price tag ranging from $250,000 to $500,000 per product.

With Premium A+ Content, brands can rely less on text and instead convey messages visually using images and videos, as character limits for product descriptions are stringent.

According to Amazon, implementing Premium A+ Content can result in a 20% increase in sales.

A key feature of Premium A+ is its ability to optimize page real estate, utilizing the entire width of the screen for a sleek and modern appearance.

Key features of Amazon Premium A+ content

It offers a range of key features that allow brands to create captivating and immersive product pages on Amazon. Some of the notable features of Premium A+ Content include


Premium A+ Content allows brands to incorporate videos on product pages, showcasing their products in action, emphasizing key features, and captivating customers with dynamic visual content.

2.Full-width Imagery

With Premium A+, brands can utilize the entire width of the screen to showcase high-resolution, visually appealing images that captivate customers and offer an enhanced viewing experience.

3.Interactive Hover Hotspot Modules

With this feature, brands can incorporate interactive elements into their product images, allowing customers to hover over specific areas for more information, zoom in on product details, or uncover hidden features.

4.Enhanced Comparison Charts

With Premium A+ Content, brands get enhanced comparison chart modules to showcase product specifications, features, and benefits in an engaging and easy-to-understand layout, assisting customers in making informed buying choices.

5.Carousel Modules

Amazon’s carousel modules offer a versatile and space-saving method to display multiple images, videos, or product variations in one module, enabling brands to share more details and interact with customers without cluttering the page.

6.Premium Q&A Module

The upgraded A+ Content features an improved Q&A module with added functionalities, including highlighting frequently asked questions and offering comprehensive answers, aiding customers in making informed decisions.

7.Mobile and Voice-Friendly Design

Premium A+ Content guarantees that product pages are mobile and voice search optimized, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience across various platforms and devices.

These essential features of Premium A+ Content enable brands to craft visually appealing, informative, and interactive product pages, driving customer engagement, enhancing conversions, and amplifying sales on Amazon.

Eligibility for Amazon’s Premium A+ content

To be eligible for A+ Content publication and sales in each country, you must meet specific criteria. These criteria vary from country to country. To determine your eligibility, please consider the following:

1.Confirm that you have already published A+ Brand Story for all the ASINs within your catalog that you own. You can easily check this by accessing the A+ Content Manager and searching for any created and published projects. Additionally, on the detail page, you should see A+ Brand Story under the “From the Brand” section.

2.Ensure that within the past 12 months, you have had a minimum of 15 project submissions of A+ content that were approved. To verify this, access the A+ Content Manager and review the status and last modified date of your submitted projects. This requirement ensures compliance with our guidelines.

It is important to note that meeting these criteria may differ across different countries where A+ Content is sold and published. Therefore, eligibility in one country does not guarantee eligibility in another.

Pros of Amazon Premium A+ content:

1.Increased Traffic and Conversions

Premium A+ Content can drive increased traffic to your product pages, potentially resulting in higher conversion rates and a sales uplift of up to 20%.

2.Enhanced Visual Storytelling

Premium A+ Content allows you to showcase your brand story in a visually engaging way, using interactive features to keep shoppers engaged and interested in your products.

3.Improved Credibility

Implementing Premium A+ Content can help you build credibility with both new and existing customers, instilling confidence in your brand and products.

4.Potential Search Ranking Improvement

Implementing Premium A+ Content could contribute to enhancing your product’s search ranking on Amazon, thereby increasing its visibility to potential customers.

Cons of Amazon Premium A+ content:

1.Brand Story Publication

To make the most of Premium A+, every ASIN in your catalog must feature a published Brand Story. This step might require time and investment, especially if you have a sizable product catalog.

2.Cost of High-Quality Visual Assets

To maximize the benefits of Premium A+ Content, ensure your product pages showcase top-notch images and videos. Investing in quality visuals is crucial, along with compelling product descriptions that might require the skills of a professional copywriter.

3.Limited Promotional Period

During the promotional period when Premium A+ Content is free, it might not allow enough time to fully gauge its impact on long-term traffic and sales.

New modules that are available on Amazon A++ content

Premium A+ Content introduces enhanced modules that elevate the visual presentation of your brand and product details. These modules build upon the existing A+ features and introduce exclusive elements found only in the premium version, such as video image carousels and text-enhanced videos.

In addition to the standard A+ modules like simple comparison charts, single image & sidebar, and three images & text, Premium A+ introduces several new modules to further enrich the content:

1.Interactive Hover Hotspot Modules
2.Multiple Video Modules
3.Enhanced Comparison Charts
4.Larger Images on the Detail Page
5.Carousel Modules
6.Premium Q&A Module

These expanded module options within Premium A+ Content offer numerous opportunities to make your product pages stand out and deliver a compelling shopping experience to potential customers. The inclusion of carousel modules allows for efficient use of space, providing a wealth of information without overwhelming shoppers.

Basic A+ content VS. Premium A+ content


Amazon Premium A+ Content empowers brands to leave a lasting impression on customers and drive business growth on the Amazon platform. As online shopping evolves, embracing the visual storytelling capabilities of Premium A+ Content becomes essential for success in the digital marketplace.

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