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Why Amazon and Flipkart?

Consumers today live in a digital world. Trade and commerce has moved to internet from offline world long ago, and all of us has either heard of or used themselves an ecommerce website to purchase items or even get services. In India, e-commerce world is debatably ruled by two giants: Amazon and its brick and mortar nemesis FlipKart. E-commerce has evidently proved that businesses now can operate 24*7, provide up-to-date information of their products and services. Same products and services now can be marketed to more diverse demographics and more easily.

Whether small or big, any business owner can become a seller on Amazon and/or FlipKart marketplaces. These marketplaces offer lots of services to sellers just like consumers. Everything from product shipment, deliveries, returns, refunds to customer disputes, sales boost is handled by these marketplaces themselves. One just has to register a seller account on these websites and avail all these services. Business owners can save a lot of money and time by selling on these marketplaces. At the same time, they can be easily discovered by consumers who are looking to buy their products and services.


Discovery, Ease of Access and Online Reputation Management

Once registered as a seller on Amazon and FlipKart, you only have to operate the webpages related to your products. These webpages can be easily browsed by any consumers all across the world. This not only increases brand awareness of your business but also boosts sales. Add to that, both Amazon and FlipKart are very reputed marketplaces who hold tremendous trust from their consumers. So, by property of association, the online reputation of your brand is automatically increased multi-fold just because your business is present on Amazon and FlipKart marketplaces.

While owning self-managed store as well as website is beneficial, there is surely a limit to both these options. A brick and mortar store has geographical constraints since not anyone from world can travel to your store and buy your stuff, no matter how unique and popular. Website too, takes time to establish and produce quantifiable results over internet. On the other hand Amazon and FlipKart have millions of established customer base. This huge size of audience is the most obvious benefit worth mentioning. Reach of your business instantly goes from nothing to millions of online customers present on these marketplaces. It helps you boost your initial sales and establish a particular audience base for your brand.


Personalised Shopping Experience and Sales boost

With time, the customer base of online shopping has evolved tenfold. Consumers now look for unique products to buy. The interest and intent of buying has shifted from necessity to luxury. A lot of consumers buy products to maintain a status quo and a materialistic lifestyle. With increase of such intent of buying, people are looking for more variety and uniqueness in products. These factors have become biggest selling points for many products.   Amazon and FlipKart are way ahead in figuring these things out. Hence they have introduced Personalised Shopping Experience for every customer registered on their marketplace.

In simple terms Personalised Shopping Experience can be reduced to giving consumers what they want on a click of a button. Amazon and FlipKart have developed complex algorithms to understand buyer persona and customer journey. By doing so, they know exactly what their customer wants to buy. In addition to that, these marketplace are actively involved in targeted search advertising, location based ads, easy remarketing and social media promotions. All these activities in turn help your business to be discovered way faster than you imagine. With maximised reach and awareness, your product sale increases exponentially giving you higher profit margins within less amount of time investment. 


Sustenance and Management

While cost to benefit ratio still indicates that Amazon and FlipKart seller services are indeed worthwhile to invest into, one must not forget that these services are available to all businesses. Hence, it is easy to derive that since these are marketplaces, there are going to be competitors. Adding more to that these are worldwide and nationwide marketplaces, hence number of competitors is also huge. Starting a seller page on amazon or flipkart is very easy. But to drive more sales and become a prominent seller on amazon or flipkart is easier said than done. Like small businesses, the biggest of world known brands are present on these marketplaces. With programmatic advertising these brands can buy large ad inventories for themselves and easily monopolise marketplaces. They have professional digital marketers to rank their products and high advertising budgets as well as large well established customer base.

            However, it is only difficult but not impossible to sustain these adversities. Many small brands have emerged victorious by driving more sales and making profits by maintaining their performance, quality and by using digital marketing strategies on these marketplaces.  To boost sales on Amazon and FlipKart one can implement many strategies such as selling niche specific products, use effective content marketing strategies, use social media and search engine marketing etc. It is also beneficiary to hire professionals to maintain seller accounts and product listings and review management on product pages.


Services by addMatrix

Team AddMatrix comprises of skilled E-commerce Strategists and Digital Marketers who know exactly how to set up your business on Amazon as well as FlipKart marketplaces from scratch. We have worked with multitude of clients from all variants and domains of businesses like clothing lines, beauty brands, food products, education and stationary brands, nutrition products etc.

Our services Include:

  • Seller Central Account Setup
  • Category Approval
  • Brand Registry & Protection
  • Manage Case Logs
  • Product Optimization
  • Product Listing
  • Selling Price Consulting
  • Amazon/FlipKart Sponsored Ads
  • Deals-N- Promotions
  • Order Management
  • Negative Feedback Removal
  • Inventory Management
  • Shipment Creation
  • Overall Account Health
  • Constant Amazon Updates
  • Performance Reporting

Feel free to reach out to us and our professionals will certainly help your business grow multifold.

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