In the dynamic realm of e-commerce, the potential for success in selling branded merchandise online is significant. However, to steer clear of legal entanglements and foster trust among customers and brand proprietors, online retailers must secure the appropriate authorization. 

A brand authorization letter plays a pivotal role in this process, conferring the right to sell a brand’s products on digital platforms. In this blog post, we will delve into the essential components of a brand authorization letter format tailored for online retailers

The complete guide to brand authorization letters

What is Brand Authorization Letter?

A brand authorization letter is a formal document issued by a brand owner or manufacturer that grants permission to another entity, typically a retailer or distributor, to sell and represent their products under their brand name.

Benefits of Brand Authorization Letter

  • Brand Control: For brand owners, authorization letters provide a means to maintain control over how their products are represented and sold in the market.
  • Legal Protection: Authorization letters establish a clear and legally binding agreement between the brand owner and the authorized entity.
  • Quality Assurance: Brand authorization letters often include quality standards and requirements that the authorized entity must adhere to
  • Market Expansion: For authorized entities such as retailers or distributors, having a brand authorization letter allows them to access and sell recognized and trusted brands.

Why online sellers require Brand Authorization Letter

Selling branded products without proper authorization can lead to legal issues. Brand owners have the legal right to control the distribution and sale of their products.


Brand owners want to protect their brand’s reputation and image. Unauthorized sellers may not adhere to quality standards or pricing guidelines, which can lead to a negative customer experience and damage the brand’s reputation.

Brand authorization ensures that the products being sold are genuine and not counterfeit

Brand Authorization Letter Format/Tempelate

Below are a few Brand Authorization Letter Tempelates and formats which you can use.

Example 1: Sample Brand Authorization from Brand owner to supplier/seller. This template can be used for online and offline sellers..

Date: 15-09-2023

Brand Owner Company Name

Company Address

Authorization Letter

This is certify that [Seller_Registered_Business_Name] located at [District, State] is authorized to supply, promote, distribute, sell, exhibit and negotiate sale services of Brand [“Brand Name”]. The details of the Brand are given below.

Brand Name:- ………………………….

TM Application No: – ………………..…….

TM Class:- ………

Your Sincerely

Brand Owner Name

Example 2: Sample Brand Authorization from Manufacturer to Supplier. This may be produced during custom clearances.

Date: 15-09-2021

Manufacturer Company Name

Complete Address


To whom it may concern

This letter is to confirm that [Supplier Name] [Supplier complete address] is a supplier of our company and is authorized to produce promotional merchandise using the branding for [Brand Name] on the following products: power banks, mobile chargers and cables. We understand that these items will be manufactured and shipped out from China.

This confirmation is valid until 31st December 2022. For any queries relating to this letter please contact me at [company e-mail ID]

Yours sincerely

[Brand Owner Name and Signature]

[Manufacturer/Company Name and Seal]

Example 3: Amazon Brand Authorization Letter Sample

Company [Brand Owner] Name
Company Address
Company Contact Details

Your[Supplier] Company Name
Your Address
Brand Authorization Letter for Online Selling
This is to certify that [Your Company Name] [Location Address] is authorized to supply, promote, distribute, sell, exhibit, negotiate, and hold responsibility for after-sale services of [Brand Name] brand worldwide.

The Brand Name include Products Which Brand have Will be Written here
Trademark Application No: – …………
Trademark Class:……
Trademark Status:……….
Brand Trademark Class

This Letter is valid from 15 October 2023 to 15 October 2023

Authorization Number: ………………..

Yours Sincerely
Brand Owner Name
Signature with Company Seal

In summary, brand authorization letters play a vital role in establishing and maintaining productive, trustworthy, and legally compliant relationships between brand owners and authorized entities. 

They help protect the brand’s integrity, ensure product quality, and contribute to the overall success of both parties involved.

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