Tips to Increase your Amazon Sales Velocity

increase sales

With increasing competitiveness on Amazon, placing your listing in front of shoppers and ensuring increase  sales has become challenging. Yet, Amazon places significant importance on sales velocity as a crucial metric for organic product ranking on SERP.

Moreover, Amazon leverages positive indicators such as increased sales velocity to designate best-seller badges to product listings, even when these listings have fewer ratings and reviews. This blog will explore diverse strategies to enhance your sales velocity on Amazon.

Boost Conversion Rates with Long-Tail Keywords

Several sellers are overlooking keyword opportunities. While you might have identified hundreds of keywords, there are often additional ones to uncover—particularly semantically related long-tail keywords. These are typically highly specific, exhibiting a strong conversion rate despite their lower search volume.

1.Utilizing the Keyword Research tool : Enter your seed keyword into keyword research tool like Helium 10, Jungle scout etc.find the relevant long-tail high-converting keywords from the results. Add these keywords to your listing.

increase sales

For example, if you’re selling Men’s shoes, you can search for the same keyword in the tool. Filter the top 10 highly relevant keywords with decent search volume and conversion rates. Add these keywords to your listing.

2.Utilizing the Reverse ASIN tool : Select 5-10 best-selling ASINs in your category and search for keywords using Reverse ASIN tool.
Filter the keywords based on relevancy and conversion rate. Now, select the top 10 keywords from the results.
Adding these keywords to your product listing can help you get more visibility and conversion for relevant search terms.

Increase Your Product Visibility with Improved Product Listings

Few tips to optimize your product listing:
1.Identify high-converting keywords and add them throughout your listing title and description to improve conversion.

2.Create a descriptive product title that includes the brand name, product name, keyword, specifications, and use case.An example of a product listing will be:
“Urban Elegance Velvet Throw Pillow – Luxe Comfort Collection – Plush Faux Fur Texture – Timeless Elegance Design”

3.Write compelling and informative copy that highlights your product’s features, benefits, and unique selling proposition (USP) in the bullet points. Ensure that you include high-converting keywords in the bullet points, too.

4.If you’re a registered brand owner, absolutely use enhanced brand content (EBC) or A+ content on your listing. It allows you to add more visuals, videos, texts, and interactive graphics to your product descriptions and increase audience engagement.

Get More Clicks with Optimized Product Images

Potential buyers often make their purchase decisions based on the product image alone. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the product images are both relevant and of high quality.

Note: Amazon has recently launched an Amazon AI Image Generator. With this tool, you can easily create your professional product photos

Build Trust with More Product Reviews

Product reviews are a must-have to convert shoppers to an Amazon listing.

According to a survey conducted by Amazon, 54.4% of its customers read at least four product reviews before making a purchase decision.

Note: Please note that the reviews must be honest and unbiased, and you cannot ask for positive reviews or ask a reviewer to change or remove their review. It might lead to account suspension.

Create Urgency With Attractive Promotions and Discounts

Another valuable strategy to boost your sales velocity is to offer enticing deals and discounts to shoppers. You can encourage customers to increase their spending by providing free shipping for orders above a specific amount, such as Rs.2000 or Rs.3000.

Additionally, you can offer discounts and coupons for bulk purchases or bundles, like a 10% discount for orders over $100 or a buy-one-get-one-free offer, which can be very appealing to shoppers.

You can also reward your repeat customers by offering loyalty programs that give them points, cashback, or freebies for every purchase. This can encourage them to buy products more frequently and spend more.

Maximize Inventory to Extend Your Advertising Budget

On Amazon, those who can invest more in advertising often come out on top. By optimizing your inventory expenses, you can expand your advertising budget and still generate a substantial profit post-sale.

Monitoring inventory levels and sales patterns is a key method to optimize inventory. This approach prevents overstocking or understocking, minimizing storage fees and seizing all sales opportunities.

Another way to optimize your inventory is to plan your orders ahead of time and use the most cost-effective shipping method. This will help you reduce your shipping costs and avoid paying extra for expedited delivery.

By following these tips, you can improve your inventory management and increase your advertising efficiency on Amazon.

Improve Customer Experience Using FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon)

1.Faster delivery times: Amazon FBA comes with Prime shipping options for your customers. It reduces the sales cycle and increases the customer experience.

2.Lower shipping costs: FBA allows you to take advantage of Amazon’s discounted shipping rates and save money on shipping fees.

3.Higher customer satisfaction: With FBA, Amazon handles the returns, refunds, exchanges, and customer service for your products – ensuring shoppers have better satisfaction.

4.More storage space: FBA gives you access to Amazon’s vast network of fulfillment centers across the world. You can store as much inventory as you need without worrying about space constraints or inventory management.

Drive External Traffic for Your Brand

Studies have shown that 27% of customers use social media as a product discovery platform, and 67% of consumers buy products through social media platforms.

The best way to generate external traffic for your brand is by running paid advertising on these social media platforms.
The benefit is that you don’t have to compete with other products on Amazon SERP; you send traffic straight to your listing.

What’s more, Amazon loves it when sellers bring more people to their site, and it improves your organic ranking as well!


Everyone aims to increase sales; that’s the essence of running an Amazon business. The positive aspect is that, with strategic moves.
Especially if you follow the tips we’ve mentioned in this post, you’ll see a boost in sales, and generate the momentum you need to increase your organic footprint and share of voice in the market.

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